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Online Video Poker tournaments involve up to several thousand participants at any one time. Playing conditions are also very different from when playing alone from home in front of your computer screen. Generally occurring over two days, these online tournaments are not necessarily the most profitable endeavours, with proposed prizes ranging from $1 000 to $5000 depending on the generosity of the operators themselves. Since the goal of each player is accumulating as many points, it is not necessary to finish first in order to receive a cash reward. Also, the fifty best players are awarded cash prizes whose values will vary depending on the final positions of the players in the tournament ratings.

Below you will find three key points to consider when playing in an online Video Poker tournament. Why is it so important to consider these key points? After all it’s just luck at the end of the day right? Wrong. In an online Video Poker tournament, the course of the game is completely different to that of normal play even though the gameplay is the same, so you must adopt a slightly different playstyle in order to be in with chance of keeping your position on the leaderboard relatively high as much as possible.

3 Key Points to Winning a Video Poker Tournament

Understanding the points system

It is worth noting that winnings during a Video Poker tournament are distributed according to a certain accumulation of points. These points have a monetary value and the more you win, the better you are rewarded at the end. The organizers of these kinds of tournaments set up rankings referring to these points that can occasionally summarize each player’s participation in a different manner. Thus, some rankings show the number of points earned by the player for one day, while others show the total number over the entirety of two days of the competition. Whoever holds the largest number of point’s by the end of the second day benefits from the most prestigious cash prize.

Keeping an eye on your position

When you play in a Video Poker tournament, you will need to rely on a particularly reliable indicator, which is known as the ‘leaderboard’. This is a kind of board that provides the ranking of the best players in real time. It is important that you check this classification regularly in order to be able to properly assess your level in the game. In a tournament, several opponents are involved and you compete against hundreds or even thousands of players. Hence it is essential for you to function in comparison mode and this is a perfect tool for checking on your progress during the tournament itself.

Selecting your bets effectively

When playing in an online Video Poker tournament, you have the option of placing different bets, just as in a traditional Poker tournament. Video Poker still remains an automated game; there is always a random factor that prevents you from exercising your skill in its entirety. The best way to remain in the competition for a long time is by adopting a mathematical approach in managing your bets and bankroll. If you are doing well at a given time "T", you can afford to place more daring bets. If on the other hand you feel that you are in a tight spot during the tournament and constantly need to take a look at your bankroll, you should certainly limit your bets so as not to end up with a huge deficit. Hence you simply have to manage your money as effectively as possible by making rational choices and betting as effectively as possible. Practice makes perfect though and with free video poker it's a great way to get started. If you are looking to play in the US, then is a site you need to look at.

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