Video Poker - How to Play

How to play How to play

The rules of Video Poker differ from those found in traditional variants of Poker. In Video Poker, you are playing heads up against a machine with no other players involved. You receive five random cards and you have to make winning poker combinations to win multiple times your initial bet. There are many different types of Video Poker available, three popular examples would be; Deuces Wild (where all 2’s are wild), Jacks or Better (where a pair of jacks is the minimum hand you must have to win) or Joker's Wild (where the joker is wild).

You will choose one version from several game variants and the rules of Video Poker differ slightly depending on which you choose. When switching from one type of Video Poker game to the next, be sure to check all the rules associated with the game. By checking the rules in advance for each new game you play, you save yourself making a mistake which may cost you greatly in the long run.

Below you fill find a mini guide on how to play Video Poker, with all the main characteristics that are common in each version of this exciting online poker game.

How to Play Video Poker in 5 Easy Steps

The player places a bet

The machine deals the player five cards

The player decides which cards they wish to keep and which cards to discard

The cards discarded by the player are replaced by the machine

The player is paid (or not) according to the value of his hand

The Ranking of Hands in Video Poker

There are numerous hands that will earn you large sums of money while playing Video Poker. Below is an example of the winning combinations that are available to you in Video Poker, ranked from the strongest hand, The Royal Flush, to the weakest, a pair of Jacks.

How to play How to play

Video Poker - Doubling Up / Double or Bust

Once you've won, you then have the option to challenge the bank (faire un banco) and double your winnings. You have to click the "Double" button and then five cards will appear, one of which is turned face up. You then have to turn over one of the four remaining cards, and if yours is higher than the one already turned over, you double up on your winnings. Otherwise, you lose your winnings. Many machines follow different rules. A summary table can be found on the front of each machine for land based casinos and in the game rules for each variant at an online casino. There are no standard rules of Video Poker with regard to payments. The machine that proposes to you the most attractive offer is the one you should choose to play on. For more info, head to the site.

Learn about Jack or Better with this Video Poker clip.

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