Video Poker Strategy: Taking Casio Money the Easy Way when Gambling

Strategy Strategy

We continue our look at video poker to bring you areas of strategy surrounding the game. There are many a video poker strategy out there and we have tried and tested them all to hit straight flush wins to playing live tables in the casinos to count cards. The full house has been done and now through trial and error we bring you a comprehensive look at casino video poker strategy. So hold on to the thought of gambling and cash payout wins, first we need to start from the beginning and see what each player will face and how to use free gaming coins to learn the strategies for this popular Vegas gaming machine.

Here you get all your video poker strategy card platform gaming and are able to learn all about the game

Before playing poker it is necessary to have a good strategy. It is also important to play at the variant you are best at. There are often players who are particularly adept at a particular kind of poker game but who never vary their playing style. Why? Because they know that there are an innumerable number of usable strategies although they change according to the variety of poker being played. It is always advisable to employ a particular strategy even when you happen not to be playing against other players. You must remember that the computer represents the house and that you will never be able to lower its rating due to the simple fact that the machine is based on a computer programme which draws cards by chance. Hence as you already understand, your only recourse when playing Video Poker is your ability to use effective strategies.

For all the variants of the game you have a great selection of video poker strategy trainer choices

There are innumerable varieties of Video poker. That is the reason why it is important for you to know at least one perfectly before you start playing. You could start learning by using ‘Five Card Draw’ which is the most widely available variant on Poker machines in general. The second stage involves learning the manner in which payment tables work for the game. You must ensure that you win the largest amount of cash when you obtain a winning hand. This step is important because the winning table differs from one casino to another. Some are valid for only one set of cards while others are valid for multiple sets. In a nutshell, it is absolutely important for you to know the characteristics of different machines thoroughly and to expand your knowledge of video poker strategy for the overall game itself.

Which variant do I choose?

Once you know a little more about all the variants of poker, you will be able to make a choice. Most players choose ‘Jacks or Better ‘in order to be able to maximise their winning chances - on occasion, a simple pair may be sufficient to win the jackpot for the game. The variants which require two pairs or three of a kind will however make things more difficult for you. Manipulating the offer in order to ensure you win as often as possible will be of benefit to you. If you notice that you happen to keep losing on a certain machine, you should leave it and choose another to try the strategy for video poker.

There are many a strategy for video poker depending on the game type you play and your budget

Verifying different game options

‘Jacks or Better’ and ‘Five Card Draw’ are the best Video Poker games for beginners. It is important to be able to take a look at the different options available while aiming to make as much cash as possible. Before starting, you must choose a machine which will permit you to bet the amount you wish to. In other words it is no use betting 1 dollar when all you have is 50 cents. There are accessible as well as expensive online games. However their principles are always the same: the more money you bet, the greater your chances of winning. That is the way the winning table works. It is clear that it is necessary to bet the required sum in order to win a large jackpot, which is something you can learn from the video poker strategy trainer.

When do I keep or throw cards?

It is important to know what cards are worth keeping and those which aren’t. So this is your video poker strategy card option. Keeping the right cards means knowing if they can enable you to win money or not. For example, if you have an ace, a king, a jack, a 10 and a 5, you should throw the 5 and keep the other four. Why? Because they have the potential to make a Royal Flush. On the other hand, if you had a 3, 3, 10, a Jack and a 5 you would keep the 3’s in order to form three of a kind or even a four of a kind.

Our video poker strategy guide looks to give you total coverage of the game before you play for money

Mini Strategy Guides

We will now take a glimpse at mini strategies for ‘Jacks or Better’ and ‘Deuces Wild’ because they are the two most popular and widely used variants of Video poker machines. They are also the most convenient since they are known for yielding the most generous winnings.

Strategies for ‘Jacks or Better’

Keep your hand in the event of a Royal Flush, Quint, Square or Full.

If you have four cards leading to a Royal Flush, exchange a card to obtain the one you wish to have.

If you have four cards for a Quint, replace those which are of no use to you.

If you already have three of a kind, exchange the remaining cards.

If you have two pairs, throw the last card.

If you have a pair or two valuable cards such as a King, Queen, Jack or an Ace, throw your three remaining cards.

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Strategies for ‘Deuces Wild’

Be sure to conserve any potential winning hands you might have.

In the case of a Square or a Quint, throw the card.

Throw two cards if you have three cards for a Royal Flush.

If you have two pairs, throw the weaker pair or exchange three cards.

Be sure to conserve any potential winning hands and a Deuce if you have them.

Be sure to exchange the two other cards if you have three Deuces.

If all you have are Deuces exchange the weakest and keep the strongest.

This now concludes our video poker strategy guide. If you wish to play for real money please head to the reviews of our top 3 casinos and learn more about what the sites can offer you aside from the video poker game. All casinos are licensed by the MGA CL and can payout in real Canadian dollars.

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